Cave of Terror

Lost Caves

Lost Caves Level 2

Lost Caves Level 3

Lost caves Level 4 (Snowager)


Temple of the sky (first level - by tygergin)

Ruined Temple Level 1

Ruined Temple Level 2

Desert Map (actually the medaillon you get which forms a map)

Pyramid First Level (just the part you need to know - it was too big to map the whole thing)

Pyramid Second Level (the whole map)


Disclaimer: Okay people, just don't steal the maps and caim them as your own, then I'll be pissed off. Otherwise, this is all neopets stuf, blah blah... you should all know that.  Just be nice and use some common sense.

Why am I writing this? Those are just maps anyway...

Starry Night (xxxstarrynight), January 2004